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Design solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals

Creative Folk is a group of five designers whose collective skills cover a wide range. Our specialties are in Web Design, Identity, and Print Design. That being said, if you've got a crazy idea for a project, we want to hear about it!

Web Design

We can make you a website that'll turn heads and push your business to the next level at the same time.

Futureproof Techniques
Our style of code is up to date with the current and even the future standards of the Web Community.
Fully Responsive Web Design
More and more people are visiting websites on their phones, we’re ready to handle that, are you?
Client Managed Content
Most of our sites are built on a powerful content managment system that has a simple user interface. So you’re in charge of what goes on your site, and you can change it at any time.

Identity & Branding

We can craft you a new brand image that is sure to capture the goals and ideals of your business.

Every entity needs a recognizable symbol that embodies the essence of that entity. We can help you create the perfect one.
Business Cards
The business card is how you make someone remember you. Our team knows how to make yours accomplish that.
We can also design the rest of the materials a business needs to run on a daily basis, from letterheads to envelopes to packaging labels.

Print Design

Our creative team will ensure that your printed promotional items stand out from the clutter.

Everything could use a good poster, whether you’re hosting an event, want to promote your business or for decoration. We can produce quality work for whatever your needs are.
Menus play a huge role in the food industry. We can organize all the items you offer into a user friendly menu to ensure everything goes smoothly.
Other Print Items
The items listed above are just a few of the items we can produce. Anything from book covers to product labels and on are with in our ability to create just throw an email our way and we can get your project rolling.

Meet the Team

Five designers with a common interest

We started Creative Folk with the intention of collaborating on design work outside of school. All of us are currently pursueing a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Akron. We wanted to get some real world experience, but we wanted to do it as a group, not as individuals.

Andrew Krigline

Web Design & Development

I’m a geek who enjoys both the Design and the Development sides of Web Work. I also dabble in UI/UX design and 3D printing takes up my spare time.

Justin Bastock

Illustration & Print Design

I’m a Designer and Illustrator, brimming with ideas and Industrious Momentum. I’m a creative with a love of drawing and animated TV shows spurred me on to pursue a career in the arts.

Skylar Wuebker

Web Design & Identity

I am a young professional that specializes in web design and identity. With my team and I, we are able to create you an image that will ensure you to stand out among the rest.

Derek Myers

Illustration & Print Design

I am a young designer and concept artist with a specialty in the traditional arts. With these good fellas and I, we guarantee personalized and professional results.

Chris Wallenhorst

Typography & Print Design

My focus in the field is in Illustration and Typography. With these skills and those of my friends here, we will give your projects outstanding results and a personality all of their own.

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We make awesome stuff

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Based out of the home of the Akron Zips

Our base of operations is Akron, Ohio. If you're nearby we'd love to meet up and talk about stuff. If you're not nearby, we're pretty tech savvy people and we'll virtually meet up with you any way that's convienent.

Alternatively, you can email us at folks@creative-folk.com.

We'll probably respond within 48 hours.